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Hope Squad:
The Successful
Suicide Prevention
Program for Youth

It takes a village to raise a child, and in the case of youth suicide, it takes an entire community to save one. As a high school principal, Dr. Gregory A. Hudnall dealt with dozens of student suicides and devoted himself to bringing hope to despondent students. In this much-needed book, Dr. Hudnall teaches the warning signs of suicide and how Hope Squad can change and save lives.

"[Dr. Hudnall] is passionate about the topic and has a lot of very relevant experience in this field. I will refer to this again and again in my work."

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"Hope Squads: Peer-to-Peer Suicide Prevention in Schools"

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"Secondary Teachers’ Perceptions of their Role in Suicide Prevention and Intervention"

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"No-Suicide Contracts with Suicidal Youth: Mental Health Professionals' Perceptions and Current Practice"

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Special issue on strengthening school-based support for bereaved students: Editors’ introduction

Heath, M. A. & Hudnall, G.

School Psychology International, 2011

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